What Works Better than “Maximum Pressure”? Maximum Understanding.


Statement of the P2P Board of Directors on the Iranian Protests (6 April 2023)

The tragic events of the last months in Iran, since the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, in September in the custody of the morality police, point to the necessity of paying more attention to human rights and building a world based on mutual understanding. Many Iranians have been seeking human rights through civil activism and peaceful protests. However, draconian U.S. economic sanctions during the last decade have greatly weakened Iran’s civil society. This external pressure makes it more difficult for Iranians to achieve their civil rights. Meanwhile, foreign interventions to use the Iranians’ civil endeavors to achieve their own strategic goals of regime change complicate the efforts of the Iranian people to achieve their civil rights.

While supporting the Iranian people to achieve their civil rights, Person2Person International urges the U.S. government to remove economic sanctions that affect ordinary Iranians. History and the past experience of Iraq, Libya, and other countries show that economic sanctions and foreign interventions—both covert and overt—only entrench authoritarianism and can pave the way for war.

Statement of the P2P Board of Directors on the U.S. Black Lives Matter Protests (22 June 2020)
Here at Person2Person (P2P), as we work to come up with new ways to connect Americans with people around the world, we have seen the world’s awareness of oppression sharply increase in a manner of days. People around the world have risked their lives and well-being to stand in support of Black Lives Matter.
We have seen Palestinians speak out against the violence, disenfranchisement, and discrimination against Blacks; they face oppression themselves. In Mashad, Iran, mourners held a candlelight vigil on behalf of George Floyd, and in El Salvador, activists are marching in support of Black Lives Matter demonstrators. We are truly moved by the support for Black Lives Matter and the world’s solidarity with African Americans.
P2P stands in solidarity with populations harmed by U.S. policies both at home and abroad. Specifically, we work to raise awareness of the situations and impacts on people in El Salvador, Iran, and Palestine. At P2P, we join people on an equal basis for the purposes of promoting international understanding and friendship. Any form of oppression is contradictory to that mission.
Sadly, the killing of George Floyd is not unique. This is the reality for Black people in America. It is also the reality for vulnerable populations around the world. While all people are created equal, they often live and die on completely different scales. P2P supports equality and respect for all people, and that is why we stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.