p2p form

Person2Person Friend Terms of Participation:

  • I agree that I will speak by video at least once a month for 12 months with my new friend.
    • I agree to do everything I can to keep my appointments or let me friend know if I need to reschedule.
    • If my friend breaks an appointment, I will not assume s/he is at fault.
    • I will not ask my friend for money.
    • I will not try to change my friend’s religion or views.
    • I will listen and speak with respect, and I will repair the relationship if my friend’s feelings get hurt.
    • I understand the limits of my current understanding and will make every effort to learn as much as I can from my friend. 
    • I will maintain confidentiality about what my friend shares if asked to do so.
    • If I require confidentiality about what I am sharing, I will be sure my friend understands that. (P2P will not disclose your name or image without your permission.)
    • If I speak publicly about the project or what I have learned from it, I will represent my views and opinions as my own and not as that of any other person involved with Person2Person.

More information [about the documentary]:I acknowledge that I will allow my image and voice to be used in a publicly shared format, whether video, audio, film, or broadcast. (Person2Person will send you any products to be reviewed before making those available to the public. There is no compensation offered or expected for participation. Person2Person will make every reasonable effort not to misrepresent your views and opinions.)